Rabu, 19 September 2012

Technology Has Created New Hurdles for Businesses All over the World

Technology has changed everything as we know it. Businesses are now doing things differently because of technology, and employees are handling their daily jobs differently because of technology too.

Technology has also gotten smaller and more powerful over time. Computers used to be giant machines that had to have their own warehouse for storage. Today, a computer can fit into the palm of your hand. These computers are now making their way into the workplace.

Employees are starting to use their own personal electronic devices to help them get their jobs done. They are using laptops, tablets and smart phones to make their day to day jobs easier, and now companies all over the world are struggling to make sure that they have control over all of these mobile devices. They are accessing company data, and they are storing company data. This company data is no longer only found within the company. It can also be found anywhere the employee takes their mobile device.

Companies are looking for solutions that allow them to easily manage all of the devices that are accessing the company network. They are looking for mobile device management solutions.

These solutions are exactly what they sound like. They allow a company to easily manage all the mobile devices that are accessing their networks, and their sensitive data. A mobile device management solution will allow certain members of an IT department to remotely administer all mobile devices that are using the corporate network.

Remote administration can consist of several different things. The IT department will be able to successfully deploy and distribute software updates and patches to all devices using the network, and they will also be able to track all devices that are using the network. This is just one way companies are keeping control of all of the devices that are accessing their networks.

These solutions do not exists in any hardware form. They only exists in a software format. Another popular software solution turns one mobile device into two. These mobile devices will have an app installed that allows the user to use the device in two different distinct modes. One mode his work mode, and the other mode is personal mode. This helps separate an employees own personal device from the work environment.

Mobile devices are only going to get smaller and more powerful. Companies that have not already adopted a bring your own device plan, need to do so quickly. The longer they wait, the more difficult it will be to successfully manage every mobile device that is accessing the company network.

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